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The Hope Project
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The Hope Project

Living with Positive Psychology

Welcome to the Hope Project

Here at the Hope Project, we are interested in creating and sharing tools and techniques to help people flourish.

Join us to meet people like you and learn how to improve wellbeing, become more resilient, set authentic and meaningful goals, and make the changes you would like to see in your life.

This network of like-minded people aims to support you in living in line with your values, exploring:



identifying and utilizing strengths

building psychological capital



goal-setting and achievement

and much more...

Our approach relies on two principles – both of which are based on scientific research. 

  • Firstly, our minds are not fixed. In fact, they are always changing – known in psychology as neuroplasticity – and can be grown in the place we want.
  • Secondly, the feelings we have (happiness, sadness, loneliness, and anger) are emotions, they are not who we are. 

Once we accept both principles we are free to grow and become the people we wish to be, living according to the values we choose.

The Hope Project community aims to be authentic and clutter-free helping people survive and flourish.

This is not a final product – it never will be. Instead, we are creating a community of people who wish to evolve, grow, and move forward.

Join us to meet people like you and learn how to become resilient to unexpected change while fostering meaningful, planned change.

My name is Dr. Jeremy Sutton, I'm a psychologist, writer, behavioral change specialist, and host of this community.

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